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Happy February, #AlwaysCreatingTribe! Lately I’ve been having trouble staying focused at work. With just a few changes in my daily habit, I’ve been able to refocus on my work. Below are some of the things that has helped me: Setting deadlines Organizing + prioritizing my to-do list Taking short breaks throughout the day Checking my emails every 2-3 hours; my inboxes can be distracting Listening to my favorite band/music (Kings of Leon or Afro Beats…you guys know I’m always blasting music in my Stories!) Staying away from social media (huge time suck and the rabbit hole is real) Using a productivity tool –last year I implemented Clockify and it changed my life Not focusing on perfection (which is so boring), but just getting things done right and on time Keeping an ideas notebook Would love to hear some of yours or leave an emoji below if you find these useful! Follow me on my other social media accounts: ­čî┐ Follow me on Insta: @alwayscreatingblog ­čî┐event planning services: @alwayscreatingstudio ­čî┐creative agency @alwayscreatingdigital ­čî┐YouTube: alwayscreatingblog