Tips on How to Care for Freshly Cut Flowers | Always Creating Blog­™
My obsession with fresh cut flowers is no joke. There’s just something about fresh cut flowers that just adds a bit of sophistication and warmth to a space. And I take a more unofficial approach to arranging my floral blooms. On any given day you will find fresh cut flowers around the townhouse. And over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks to keep them fresh for longer. And I’m talking 10 days plus! Here are my top five tips to keeping your freshly cut flowers looking gorgeous for days! Cut the ends of the stems before placing in water Remove extra leaves as it takes much needed water from the flowers To get a fuller texture in your blooms, get a mix bunch with different colors, blooms, and varied lengths Replace water every five days (you can add sugar or a little bit of coke); flowers love sweets, too Stop and smell them! I hope you’re having great week!