Boxy Bag // Dior Trench // Zara Romper | Always Creating Blog­™
I’m obsessed with purses. I have them in so many colors, shapes, and sizes. I’m generally drawn to oversized bags with a lot of structure that can hold my “50lb” items! J/k!… anyway, now and again, I find and fall in love with a dainty little bag with a little bit of personality. And chances are I usually get it because heck, #yolo, am I right?! I found this beautiful boxy bag at Marshall’s and had to have it! I just love everything about it –the colors, shape, and style. It’s just so cute to carry and I love it so much! Even though I wouldn’t normally buy a bag in this size, but because of its build, I just had to have it and I can totally see myself using this bag like every day. What’s your favorite new buy? And do you like oversized or little bags? ’til next post, loves! xx Glor Save Save Save Save Save