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Fall is an amazing season and truly one of my favorites; it signals not only the beginning of a new season but also signifies that the holiday season is underway and that the chaos of shopping and gift-giving is nearly upon us. Speaking of the holiday season (don’t think Christmas shopping, you’ll only drive yourself insane); instead think about all the good eats / drinks and holiday parties that is about to GO DOWN! Lol, you feel me?! I love hosting Thanksgiving food and my home is always a hub for the holiday activities among my closest of family + friends. This year, the celebration is going to be extra special (more to come on that, so stay tuned). I think this year, I’d like to bring in more of the outdoor / fall elements (pine cones, fresh pine needles, evergreen foliage + colors) into dining space add to the ambiance, color and warmth. A few weeks back I started thinking and dreaming about what my holiday tablescapes would like like, and thus became the genesis for this post. Naturally, I started trolling my fave design sites, blogs, and Pinterest for fall / Thanksgiving tablescapes ideas. My design philosophy is as minimalist as possible, but this year, I wanted to do some things different so below are some tablescape ideas I love and would like to incorporate into my table setting. a distinctive curated few… Images: via // via // via // via // via // via // via // via // via // via // via // via // via