Mia Kerick (Guest Blogger) - May | Alpha Book Club
Come read Mia Kerick's Secret Clothing Obsessions in her guest blog for April ~ Clothes I Secretly Want to Wear It seems I’m always dressing the characters in my novels. (I often undress them, as well, but before this can happen they need to be wearing something.) Hmmm. What’s the protagonist, Jeffrey’s (random name), style going to be—preppy or cowboy or slick or modern? Too-tight or super-baggy or rainbow-colored? As you can see, I have a lot of important choices to make when I put clothes on Jeffrey’s body. Is this because I think that clothes make the man? Not so much… but I do think that clothing speaks. It tells the world “I’m free-wheelin’ and light-hearted!” or “I don’t give a crap what ya think of me!” or “I sure hope I make a good impression!”