7 Tips That Will Make A Difference To Your Life -
Share with:I’m always on the look out for other people’s view on what makes people successful as well as tools and tips about what successful do. I’m also on the look out for people who are writing about success and one such person is Amie Erickson. This post looks at a recent article that Amie has written and pulls out the core aspects of the message as far as I’m concerned. Self improvement helps you to better understand oneself. It is through this understanding that you get to really understand your role in life. The typical realisation is that not everything has got to be a struggle! You have it within your power to be a success, in whatever field that you choose. Amie has pulled together these 7 tips to self improvement – see what you think…. 1. Daily Journaling Through history, truly great people have always kept a record of their life and today, one of the most common elements that I hear from successful people is that they keep a journal of their life. They keep journals and record their observations and feelings. For you, a journal is more than a map of your journey. It will help you to [...]