South3rn Turpike3 Broth3rz • variety at Red Velvet Underground, Albuquerque
Hello This is the Kid and Doc Holiday with South3rn Turpik3 Broth3rz we would like to announce and welcome everyone to check out our show at Red Relvet Underground our range of acoustic electric sounds an rythim of Mostly all Originals an Alot of Covers We are mostly known for our style we cover classic rock , modern , alternative , bluegrass, rock an roll , ragae , punk, you name it we love rock out and you may have seen us downtown Busking and keeping croud control with silly yet amusing and debochery , we support local live bands open mics, we support battered women awareness an prevention, as well as homeless awareness an prevention , and suicide awareness an prevention we like to hang out an treat people with respect and dignity. hope to see you all there Doris food an House brews are amazing..