Sasshi in Umakacchan ramen commercial | akbzine
Please take a good look at Sashihara Sensei and buy some of these instant noodles! Now I want some noodles! This news comes courtesy of “House Food Group’s” Twitter feed: HKT48出演のうまかっちゃんのCMのご紹介です。うまかサポーター募集中です!!(^_^)vハウスなうCM情報http://t.co/wdwIlHsDFxブランドサイトhttp://t.co/MheN4eiVvO pic.twitter.com/PrBRMCyC02 — ハウス食品グループ (@housefoods_now) September 1, 2015 Author: reika I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My … Continue reading Sasshi in Umakacchan ramen commercial →