Telling Something from Your Face: Age, Beauty, and Anti-Spoofing | Taiwan AILabs
Figure 1. Demonstration of the facial age, beauty, pose estimation. In the last few decades, facial analysis has been thoroughly explored due to its huge commercial potential. For example, learning the semantic meaning of a human face can help us to target potential customers more easily and more efficient. While face recognition is a well-established technology for surveillance systems or security control, it is also crucial for us to know the captured image is from a real person or a spoofing device. In this blog post, we are going to discuss what we do in Taiwan Ailabs and our demo system. Predicting a human age or beauty from the appearance is a very subjective task. A man/woman can look younger than his/her real age while beauty is not even a quantifiable value. Nevertheless, knowing the approximated appearance age and beauty is still helpful for merchandise recommendation. For instance, recommending an old man/woman some soft drinks may not be a good idea, nor placing a massage