The Moonscape World Project | Taiwan AILabs
Designing an immersive tourism experience, using game elements and aerial cinematography In the beginning of June, Taiwan AI Labs released a demonstration of how aerial footage collected by a drone, combined with artificial intelligence and video processing, can be used to create a flight simulation based on a spontaneous user-defined starting and ending point. While users are restricted to clicking on points within National Taiwan University's campus, following feedback from the demo, the Smart City Team ascertained that we have the necessary backend technology to make something out of drone aerial footage that is novel and cool for users. Different from other ubiquitous map tools, e.g., Google Maps, the team's demo promises users a different perspective, rising high above to what Michel De Certeau calls the "the threshold of visibility." The NTU demo serves as a proof of concept. By elevating the plane from which a user sees, the user leaves the messiness and chaos of the city