AILabs builds intelligence behind Taipei Traffic Density Network | Taiwan AILabs
Taipei is a city with millions of cars and motorcycles. Heavy traffic congestion occurs on the streets daily. Incidents have serious impact to traffic. Taipei have built tens of thousands citywide cameras recording real-time traffic videos. Police officers will consume the result to remove the traffic congestion. However, existing method requires human effort, only 16% of the incidents are manually detected. Unlike cities in Mainland China, 2 major constraints exist on building the smart city systems in Taiwan. Humanity with Privacy and Integrity is the top priority. Taiwan is highly sensitive on human rights. The policy making need to ensure the goodwill with integrity. The protection of privacy and prevention of the future abuse and misuse together are the top priority on building the system. Taipei used videos with lower resolution that can't further recognize residents' identity in the video. Second, the solution need to be green and environmentally friendly. Forcing the city