How Do I Make 2019 My Year? - Wade Webb Real Estate Coaching
Another year has come and gone and I ask myself did I have the year I wanted personally and professionally in 2018? Obviously the answer for me the person with high expectations on himself is “no” not exactly the year I was hoping for. I think we all feel we could be better in some way personally and professionally each year. Full disclosure last year I let my physical and mental health get a bit out of control on me and gained some weight, too much stress and feeling a bit burned out from trying to be all things to all people and not living what I teach. I am pleased to say I started turning things around and am excited for what 2019 has for “me” physically, mentally and spiritually in 2019. Here are some of my favorite things my mentors have shared with me to make 2019 my year, I hope they help you too. 1. Sharpen The Saw – In the “You” Economy, expertise is our chief commodity. Take an hour this weekend to list out all your areas of expertise, and brainstorm a few ways you can develop each of them further. What can we do to increase our expertise and knowledge of what we do and who we are in 2019? What are you reading? What are you watching? What are you listening to? Who is mentoring or coaching you? Who are you mentoring and coaching? Jim Rohn always said “grow your income if you grow yourself first.” Sharpen your saw and grow yourself first in 2019. 2. Mind Our Motives – Give with no expectation of reciprocation. Today, connect two friends or people within your network who can help one another. The good karma will come back around. We are in the relationship business and were created to connect with others. We are here to impact and improve the lives of others each and every day. Nothing has given me more sense of purpose and belonging than the ability to give my time, touch, talents to others every day with no expectation of return and live the universal principle of Reciprocity in 2019. 3. Embrace The Journey – Success is not so much a destination as a journey, and we are at our best when we are growing. Tonight write down all the positive traits you’re already using and appreciate them. What are your gifts? What are your talents? Embrace who you are and be grateful for the person you were created to be. Life is a journey and we need to enjoy every part of this adventure and be grateful for it in 2019. 4. Pay It Forward. – We all need help and assistance from mentors to maximize our potential. So become an asset for a young person, whether it’s a teen with promise, or someone just starting in their career. Who are we mentoring? Who are we teaching to fish? What kind of legacy are we leaving with the younger generation of agent. Take someone under your wing and help make a difference in their career to maximize their true potential in 2019. You will be glad you did! I truly learn more as a teacher from the student and we both grow together! 5. Call Your Doctor. – One of the most important things you can do for your health is to keep a regular relationship with your doctor. If you aren’t in the habit of scheduling regular check-ups, do that ASAP. This past year embarrassingly was forced to see my doctor and get myself on a program. I am so grateful to have someone help guide me regularly with my health and hold me accountable to myself with my health in 2019. Going to be better than ever this year! 6. Trade Up. – Is there a bad habit you would like to eliminate? Sketch out some ideas for what you would replace it with—a more positive habit to make the transition easier. Act immediately. Honestly I catch myself being a person that sees the glass empty vs. the glass full in times of stress. I struggle to be present and be in the moment and find myself not living as much for today and embracing the gift. My best friend who has had organ transplants and is on borrowed time is the best person to remind me of living in the moment and revelling in the awesomeness of the now because we all have no guarantees of tomorrow. Thank you Gord!! 7. Talk Through It. – In the day-to-day routine, it’s easy to rest on what is comfortable in relationships. Take your significant other to dinner this week, and open up a deeper conversation about your shared goals. I was so grateful to be able to spend three weeks alone with my wife this past year and share that time together and talk. It was a gift for both of us to renew and to enjoy the amazing gifts we share together. 2019 is a year to enjoy each other like it’s just the two of us having the time of our lives and not just a few weeks a year! 8. Tell Them Thanks. – Make sure the special people in your life know how much they mean to you. Put a reminder on your calendar—even one occasion of expressing gratitude each month. It’s key to honing purpose. It is so easy for us to take others for granted and assume they know how much we appreciate them. I struggle as a leader to go out of my way to share my appreciation to others. I assume they know they are doing a great job and I appreciate them if they don’t hear from me. Not a great strategy I know! 2019 is a year to say thanks more! 9. Create & Do Your Bucket List. – One of the most rewarding things about a vacation is the excitement leading up to it—it’s something to look forward