2018/2019 Tech Leaders for Real Estate Industry - Wade Webb Real Estate Coaching
Whether you’re running a top producing team or just starting out, having the best real estate software at your disposal will put you well ahead of other agents. Is this finally the year the real estate industry gets the disruptive tools and apps other industries enjoy? Read on to check out our 20 top picks for the best time saving, lead generating, and innovative real estate software: 1. kvCORE (Lead Generation, CRM) One of the early movers in the all-in-one real estate lead generation and CRM platforms, Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE platform is finally ready for its close up. Their team focused platform for 2018 boasts lead generation, a robust CRM with AI features like behavioral lead response, text messaging, and even an auto dialer. 2. Structurely (AI Chatbots, Lead Qualifying) While AI chatbots have been threatening (not in a skynet sense, but you get the idea…) to “disrupt” real estate lead nurturing for a long time now. The only problem is that the vast majority of solutions on offer weren’t quite ready for prime time. They were clunky, slow, or too robot-like to be useful. Structurely’s AI chatbot Aisa (Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent) Holmes allows you to qualify your web leads while you’re out showing and pitching. It also talks to a ton of your favorite lead gen/CRM platform’s like Real Geeks, BoomTown, Kunversion, Placester and more. 3. Amitree Folio (Super Lightweight Transaction Management) Amitree’s Folio has always been the well kept secret weapon of many newbie agents. After all, it’s free, sits right on top of Gmail, and offers some pretty amazing transaction management and organization tasks for busy Realtors. Even better, Sand Hill Road has taken notice. Amitree recently closed a $7 million round of funding to build out more functionality into an already fairly robust platform. Get on board while it’s still free! 4. BombBomb After interviewing dozens of Real Trends 500 agents over the years, one thing really stands out. As you might imagine, they’re all absolutely amazing communicators in person or over skype. It’s almost like a hypnotists act. You just can’t help but trust whatever it is their saying and leave the conversation wanting to hear more. It’s uncanny. Of course when you get emails or texts from the same agents… well the magic not only fades, it pretty much disappears. This is why almost every single real estate tech pundit from Gary Vaynerchuck to Peter Lorimer agree that video is the future of real estate marketing. That’s why BombBomb is a must have for any serious agent. It let’s you create video at tehe drop of a hat and reach your leads where they’re most likely to pay attention, via email and text. They also offer lead capture, landing pages, analytics and more with your account. 5. Contactually (Relationship Focused CRM) While it may not be free, Contactually helps you automate and manage your most valuable asset as a Realtor. Your relationships. While many CRM’s let you tag leads and send out drip campaigns, Contactually takes it a step further and offers complex automation and lead nurturing features in order to help you build and maintain relationships. It will even use AI to tell you when the best time to reach out to different leads is. Contactually is one of the best platforms for Realtors who are serious about automating their relationship marketing and reaching the right lead, with the right message, at the right time. 6. Cloud MLX One of the most common complaints I here from newer Realtors is that their MLS interfaces look and feel like they were built in 1994. Tiny fonts, dozens of tiny checkboxes and dropdown menus, and a design aesthetic that screams AOL 95. Blah. Want to know why? Your MLS doesn’t have the time, resources, or expertise to design and build sleek, modern tools to access their treasure trove of data. That’s where companies like W+R Studios come in. Their Cloud MLX app sits right on top of your mls and gives you a Google-like way to access that data faster, easier, and without the headaches. During a recent chat with W+R CEO Greg Robertson, he let me in on the mantra that helps them make such innovative software: Make it simple, make it elegant, and make it easy to use. Cloud MLX nails all three and then some. Even better, Cloud MLX is designed to work seamlessly with the other apps in their Cloud Agent Suite; Cloud CMA, Cloud Attract, and Cloud Streams. The whole package together gives agents a formidable arsenal of tools for searching your MLS, buyer and seller lead generation, lead nurturing with gorgeous listing updates, and finally powerful listing presentation software to seal the deal. 7. Follow Up Boss Follow Up Boss is a lightweight, laser targeted lead management system designed for Realtors and teams to nail their lead nurturing targets day-to-day quickly and easily. Follow Up Boss sits right on your email and logs emails and texts, manages drip campaigns, sends automatic texts (open rates are WAY higher than email). and generally keeps agents focused on lead nurturing and converting clients instead of getting bogged down by endless listing blast emails, work drama, and everything else that keeps agent’s from their core tasks. It also has great features for team leaders to check in on how their agents are doing at a glance. They also seamlessly integrate with Real Geeks, IDX Broker, Ihomefinder, CINC, and more. 8. Buffer (Social Media Scheduling Tool) If you’ve already dipped a toe into social media only to get turned off by the constant demand to post, then Buffer is for you. Do you want to reach your twitter followers at 7:30 am even on days you sleep in? Want to send out that infographic to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. AND Instagram with one click? Buffer let’s you figure out what times and type of content your leads on each platform respond to, then helps you create a posting calendar loaded with content. Once you have