Sdumo Viwe - Umuntu Wam (feat. DJ Kitso Isgebengu) 2017 Download MP3 • Afro House King
Sdumo Viwe has just released another song with DJ Kitso Isgebengu entitled “Umuntu Wam”. The pair have already collaborated on another song this year titled “Uzobamba Nini”. Sdumo Viwe is a vocalist, singer, songwriter and performer from Langa Township in Cape Town, which recently rose above the partially flooded sea of House Music and South African commercial Kwaito, with hit track “Masambe Dali” produced By DJ Sk (Port Elizabeth) The same producer / DJ who produced Hit ‘Call Out’ for Big Nuz, Dj Tira and Dream Team of Durban. The music of Sdumo Viwe ‘Masambe Dali’ is a national hit.