Khutšo Chuma - Chuma II: 57​-​2​-​0 • Download MP3 • Afro House King
Second project by the silent assassin after a stellar introduction. In this release, Mr Chuma shares his thoughts and feelings the best way he knows how. Nothing like the first release, but this has the Chuma fingerprint all over it. RELEASE: Khutšo Chuma – Chuma II: 57​-​2​-​0 GENRE: Deep House FORMAT: Mp3 QUALITY: 192 Kbps YEAR: 2019 SIZE: 57.5 MB TRACKLIST Khutšo Chuma – 57-2-0 Khutšo Chuma – Bogolo Khutšo Chuma – Post-fight Reflections Khutšo Chuma – Spiritual Rumble Khutšo Chuma – Vhanna Vhashu PRIMARY DOWNLOAD