Dwson - Glimpses of You EP Download MP3 • Afro House King
Dwson’s new EP, recorded in just a week at Popsicle Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town, is a weighty combination of emotion and groove, that kind that sets dance floors alight. His collaborators include Roxy Caroline of lo-fi indie-pop group Hyroine, story weaver Sio and soulful folk songwriter Dumama—and their presence gives his EP a decidedly feminine edge. The four tracks they make blend vintage deep house with a palpable old-school R&B undercurrent. RELEASE: Dwson – Glimpses of You EP GENRE: Deep House FORMAT: Mp3 QUALITY: 320 Kbps YEAR: 2019 SIZE: 43.6 MB TRACKLIST Dwson – If Only You Knew (Original Mix) Dwson, Sio –