Q & A with Adoratherapy's Co-Founder
1. Q. Of the products you make, which is your favorite? A. My favorite product is our Joy Chakra Boost. The formulation is both floral and exotic, sweet and intoxicating. It was formulated to open your heart and bring forth compassion. The top notes are rose, gardenia and jasmine. I use it almost every day. I roll it on my pressure points and on my heart. I rub it in and then breathe in deeply. I anchor myself with an intention of love and open heartedness. I really feel that it transforms my morning ritual of gratitude and prayer. 2. Q. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs? A. Good question. We avoid ALL petrochemicals, fillers, GMOs, synthetic preservatives and what we like to call sneaky ingredients. We have recently re-formulated our water based products, which include our Room Boost Sprays and On the Go Perfume Sprays to make them greener and cleaner. These products require an emulsifier to make the oils blend with the water and a preservative to keep bad things out. We are so lucky to have our VP of Manufacturing David Ramsey working with us. David is an engineer with a Ph.D. and he spent months researching the best way to get the chemistry right. There are many factors and it required trial and error and testing. We are so excited to launch these new formulations. 3. Q. We all know healthy beauty starts with how we feel about our bodies. What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out? A. My three tips for beauty from the inside out are: Be kind to yourself and tell the mind chitter chatter: Thank you, I got this. Repeat as many times as needed: I love myself, I adore myself, I am enough, I am perfect. Share your experiences of self doubt and your moods with your closest friends and ask them to send you their unconditional love. When we are vulnerable and ask for help and support we heal quicker. Then reciprocate! 4. Q. What sets ADORAtherapy apart from other essential oil and perfume lines on the market today? A. Our Scent + Intention-based approach to aromatherapy. The intention behind the ingredients- the essential oils we use and why we use them. The intentional formulation- the process we use to create all of our products, handmade, and small batch. The experience and knowledge of the science behind essential oils, aromatherapy and how breath and scent can transform our day and boost our mood. Our expertise and commitment to self care, self love and healing is core to our mission of personal transformation.