Ask A Mood Booster: Travel Tips
Dear Mood Booster, I travel a lot for work, I have become quite the road warrior but breathing all that airplane air, public spaces and rushing takes a toll. Checking into a new hotel room always pulls me away from my focus and reminds me I am away from home. How can I feel more centered on these trips? —Karen M. Dear Karen, I have been there and done that. For many years I traveled almost half the time. I have always loved to travel and recently looked at the back of an airplane magazine and tried hard to find where I hadn’t yet been; On top of that I commuted for years in the NYC area. Doesn’t matter if you are on a train, a plane or in a car, travel requires constant centering and the internal reassurance it’s all going to work out just fine and someday you will make it home to your bed and your real life. So, my dear Road Goddess here are some mood boosting tips for you: When you just don’t want to go or need that extra kick: I once had a job where I flew out on the 7AM flight Monday and came back at 10PM on Thursday, all to do it all over again. Wish I had had the citrusy and clean, bright and invigorating, Motivation Chakra Boost. This travel size roll on is formulated to empower your self-confidence and enhance your focus. With top notes of lemon, grapefruit, and rosemary it smells fresh and divine. Put it on when you are getting dressed in the morning, pulse points, palms, neck and throat. Reapply during the day instead of another cup of coffee. Don’t forget to stay open hearted: Meeting new people, answering email, making sure you are safe, all get to you, especially if you are an empath like me. To deal with staying heart centered under stress, try Joy Chakra Boost, it is a miracle. Floral and exotic, sweet and intoxicating, Joy Chakra Boost opens your heart and brings forth your compassion. The top notes of rose, gardenia, and jasmine smell like love and hugs. When you need to close a deal and bring home the vegan bacon: We’ve all been there, sent out into the big world to make magic happen. My go to is the intense and exotic, Abundance Room Boost Spray. Magnetic & captivating, with top notes of cinnamon, clove, and patchouli we say its like feng shui for your mood and the mood of your environment. When prosperity, success, and self-confidence are what you desire most then Abundance Room Boost will ground your intention. Your boss will thank you. And if you are the boss, you will thank you! Need to smudge and fire alarms an issue? Let’s face it you can’t always light a candle or even a match in a public space these days. The alternative is Clear Away Room Boost! Our 10ml Travel size spray is your go to for shifting energy and clearing the air. Pure and Crisp, Clear Away is refreshing and relaxing, with top notes of grapefruit, lemon, and peppermint. If harmony and clearing your energy, and the energy of your room is what you desire this is a winner. All of our Mood Boosts are made to inhale deeply, soothe, and TRANSPORT you!! (nice wordplay, don’t you think). Just as most gestures of self-care do, bringing your favorite Mood Boosts on your trip seems like a small gesture, but the payoff is bigger than you expect.Whereever you are in the world you can spray or roll on and inhale the scented air between your hands—instant transformation. You can feel calmer, clearer, head on straighter in an instant. Because we know you need to take your Mood Boosts with you we have created mini sizes that meet TSA requirements. Now you don’t have to choose one you can bring as many as you want. You can’t always control the air you breathe, or how long your away, or what the universe will have in store for you on your travels, but you can take care of you and with the intention of having it all go with lightspeed.