Divorcing a High-Conflict ADHD Spouse: ADHD Roller Coaster with Gina Pera
Sometimes, despite our best efforts to preserve marriage and family unit, divorce is the only option. Even when must flee the marriage for our own survival, however, we must stop to anticipate: Things could get even worse. Including for the children. I advise being prepared for this possibility—and actively developing a strategy before you ever mention divorce. Yet, how exactly do you "strategize" divorce and custody issues with a partner whose high-conflict behavior has made divorce the only option? I asked William "Bill" Eddy, MCSW, JD, to offer some advice (below). As he points out, this problematic behavior is not just relevant to ADHD. It is common to any mental-health condition where the person remains in denial. I suspect the additional components of oppositional-defiant and anti-social behavior raise the odds. As an attorney, therapist, mediator, and president of the High Conflict Institute, Eddy provides consultations and training about managing high-conflict personalities to professionals, including attorneys, judges, mediators, mental health professionals, and human resource professionals.