Between Two Homes: A Coparenting Handbook |
By: Bradley Craig You may be divorcing, divorced, never married, a grandparent, or other relative of a child growing up between two homes. For whatever reason you find yourself in the situation of helping a child grow up between two homes, it’s normal to wonder how to do so now that you’re no longer (or maybe never were) a single-home family. Between Two Homes has the answers. In this book, you’ll learn how to remain or become coparents (instead of opponents) and how to help your child grow and thrive while living between two homes. Between Two Homes helps you: Build a successful coparenting relationship so you can stop fighting and start communicating Recognize obstacles to the coparenting relationship Take advantage of alternatives to litigation–you don’t have to fight it out in court Talk to your child about the changes using language he or she can understand Learn the special needs of your child at various stages, from newborn to teenager Create a coparenting plan Learn what behaviors, and even what words, can help or hurt your child This book is also a helpful resource for mental health professionals and family law professionals. Not only does it provide helpful tools to help families, but it is a valuable text to provide to your clients. An Excellent Resource for Parents Raising Children Together, But Separately by Rhonda Hopkins (07/13/2015) This book is an excellent resource for parents raising children together, but separately. If you’re in the middle of any type of child custody litigation, or have already been through the courts, or just want more information on how to co-parent more effectively, this book is a definite must read. As an investigator for my state and for the family courts for nearly twenty years, I have witnessed first-hand how emotionally and mentally damaged children can become from parents who do not know how to co-parent. Putting your children first, and learning how to get along with the other parent is an absolute must to save your children from the chaos of two feuding parents. Bradley Craig’s BETWEEN TWO HOMES will give you the tools you need to make sure you’re putting your children first. Amazon Goodreads