The Direct Mail Marketing Commandments | Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies
Direct mail is alive and well. According to research from Huffington Post, 79% of people who receive an offer in the mail act on it immediately. Every time I present that statistic the eyebrows go up, and they say "really?" I am not surprised by this number because direct mail campaigns are part of my marketing strategy. These days, we must diversify our marketing efforts. The online world is noisy and cluttered. Physical mailboxes are less crowded thus making it a great option. The attention span of an online consumer is sad, four-eight seconds! While 30 billion pieces a month are fighting for attention on Facebook each month, your re-purposed content could be in transit to a prospective customer's mailbox. Before you commit to a program, think about the following: Who is your audience? Where do you find these people? What type of mail would interest them? Will your call to action get them to act? How do you want them to feel when they hold your mail? Direct mail may not be