social media and video marketing workshops Maine and NY | Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies
Facebook and Instagram ads are the MOST targeted form of advertising your money can buy on the internet. Combined, you will have access to almost 3 billion people! Now, of course, your ad won't resonate with all of them but imagine delivering your content to the doorstep of the people who will care about your product or service. What is that worth to you? Before you put together an ad or boost a post that you may think is the holy grail, consider these points: Did you choose the right visual element? Select the proper format for your objective? Write a catchy headline? Write compelling ad copy that engages the viewer? Include a call to action? Create custom audiences for my most valuable customers? Target the right audience? Determine a budget? I will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex Facebook Ads Manager and answer yes to the questions mentioned above with complete confidence.