My Top Five Business Tools Under $20 | Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies
We all have our favorites when it comes to business tools. I sure do. Some tangible and others spiritual. The way I see it, health is wealth and having a proper balance will ensure my approach to daily life and my business will be more intentional and proactive. Give the gift of practicality and experience. Below are my top 5 favorite items that I use every day. They are all under $20! 1) Arkon MG2TRIXL 11" Smartphone Tripod - I love this tripod! Live and recorded video is the future of social media so get on board now. The base is flexible and can be wrapped around an object if a flat surface is not available. It comes with adaptors for medium to large digital cameras and a carrying case — all for only $18.95 (current sale price on Amazon). 2)"Presence" by Amy Cuddy - This book has helped transform the way I think and present myself. The cover says it all "bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges." We all experience self-doubt at one time or another. Amy