5 Life-Changing Business Tools Under $100 | Above and Beyond Marketing Strategies
Every business needs tools to be successful. I seek out the best affordable tools, try them and make recommendations for the ones that have significantly improved my productivity. My core mission is to help you save time, money and become a better marketer. The following list will do that. This year, many of them are online which probably won't surprise you either. 1) Wisestamp - An email signature template service offering many templates and apps for creating an impactful, interactive signature. It's easy to use, affordable and lets your recipients know you care. Your email signature is your business card for those who have not met you yet. Be memorable. Cost: A one-year PRO subscription will cost you $72.00. Other plans are available. 2) The Adweek Copywriting Book by Joseph Sugarman - This book completely changed how I look at writing anything. It not only applies to advertising but anything you write in hopes of persuading another human being to take action. Joe makes writing fun,