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This post is going to be a little different than the normal format. Why? Because I’m not stating a well thought out opinion, I’m asking for one! It has come to my attention that I am out of the good coffee loop! Oh, so what do I do? What do I do? Where will I go? Well, that’s why I’m coming to YOU, dear faithful readers. What are your favorite coffee roasters and why? What coffee makes you excited? And heck, are there coffees I should totally stay away from? What coffees are like drinking sulfuric acid? What coffees are, well, you get my drift. Before everyone lists the shops and roasters everyone I already know about, let me list a few that I know about: Starbucks – they used to be excellent. It’s OK if there’s nothing else around. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – again, they used to be good, and they still are I guess. But I’ve noticed a major slip in quality recently. I think they’re on the Starbucks path. Dutch Brothers – worst. coffee. ever. Pete’s – not the best, not the worst. I do have to say they’ve stayed consistent at least. Portland Coffee Roasters – Pretty decent. I would rate them somewhere in between Pete’s and Stumptown. Blue Gardenia – They very well might be the best coffee out there right now, but there’s only a few places one can get their coffees. Folgers, Maxwell House, et al -coffees that use robusta beans are worst than Dutch Brothers! Trader Joe’s – Decent coffee, limited selection though. And not used at any coffee shops Panache – Let’s just say they’re a half point above Dutch Brothers. Illy – a little too mass-produced. But it’s decent espresso. Longbottom – ew. Ick. Gross. Seattle’s Best Worst – I think you can guess my opinion here. There’s a few others I know, but trying to think of every name of every coffee is a bit of a daunting task. So have at it! Give me your opinion, dear readers! What are your favorite coffees and where do I get them? Related