The structure and organisation of the book of Jonah - 5 minute Bible
Jonah is carefully and neatly structured into four acts (the chapters): Act one: Jon 1:1-16 Pagan sailors converted Scene one: Jonah’s commission 1:1-3 Scene two: On a ship in a storm Jon 1:4-16 Jon 1:17 (MT & LXX 2:1) bridge Act two: Jon 2:1-10 Jonah talks to God Scene three: in the belly of the fish Introduction 2:1 (2:2 in MT & LXX) Jonah’s psalm of thanksgiving 2:2-9 Jon 2:10 (MT & LXX 2:11) Bridge Act three: Jon 3:1-10 Ninevite’s converted Scene four: Jonah’s second commission 3:1-3 Scene five: Nineveh Jon 3:4-9 Jon 3:10 bridge (God’s response to Ninevite repentance) Act four: Jon 4:1-11 GodRead More →