Humour in the Bible: Book 6 Joshua: Rahab and the bungling spies - 5 minute Bible
The little story, in Joshua 2, of Rahab and the clueless pair of young Israelite would be spies, provided Spenser 1 F. Scott Spencer “Those Riotous – Yet Righteous – Foremothers of Jesus: Exploring Matthew’s Comic Genealogy.” In Are we amused?: humour about women in the biblical worlds, edited by Athalya Brenner, 7-30. Continuum, 2003 (see Signs of humour: especially in written texts acr oss cultures) with a nice example of several of his criteria all together in one text, making it evidently humorous. What do you think? Do the criteria work? Or is this vignette deadly serious? Notes [ + ] 1.Read More →