How changing one thing can change it all.  | The Z Blog
Always believe in yourself. Today is all your promised, make it count because today is yours! -Andy Morrison Did you know there are only 8772.7 hours in a year? That's not much when you think about it. Then consider, most people only get to do this an average of 78 times. How many times have you already rounded the corner into a new year? 20? 30? Even 50 or more? If your like I was your life is missing something. Sure I was happy cause I told myself I was. At the end of the day though I knew that wasn't true. I've always wanted to help people. To do something that makes a difference. I knew it was time to change it all. make my mark, do something with a lasting impression for my family and those around the world. It also got me to thinking about my health. I wanted my health to be the best it can be. I wasn't eating right and I never really had. Sure, I had a salad once in a while. Did that count? Probably not. I have spent most of my