STUNNER BREAKS DOWN | Trending rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme broke down in tears and walked out shortly before the conclusion of his Facebook Live interview with Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa saying he is hurt by his wife Olinda’s decision to expose their issues to the public. H-Metro was in the room as Stunner and Ruvheneko went live on Facebook.After starting off confidently, and pleading his love for Olinda and commitment to their marriage, Stunner could not contain his real feelings and emotions concerning his wife’s actions on social media over the past week. “I stayed in the house to work things out to say look, my wife, this is what it is, but if i didn’t care for women, if i didn’t care for her i would have been like ‘Ah sha ndezvekwako izvo. “Ndakapackerwo ma bags ndichiedza kuti pamwe ndichanzi dzoka but ndakangosiya ndichipacker mabags angu. “So I did all that but I’m still in the house, I’m still gonna go back and everything . . . and now look i got tears in my eyes,” said