MY 2017 TESTIMONY :MITCHELL MUNYARADZI GUMBO | If you remember last week we wrote a story about an Accident that happened before mvuma. I didn't share this with the public as soon as I got wind of the tragedy because I felt that grieving parties needed time to grieve and thus my testimony would have come off as gloating. On Sunday 1 January 2017 I left Goodwood, Cape Town for Roadport, Harare. Since I was not flying I didn't update you all LOL. The Sprinter in the picture was my bus. It broke down for 9 hours in Bloemfontein and was fixed and near Louis Tritchard, it blew the computer box and we waited for 6 hours for Mercedes Polokwane to fix the damage. The final straw for me was when it broke down at around 10 pm on the 3rd of January in Messina. I had to be stamped out of South Africa before 12 that day lest I became an illegal immigrant. So with the Sprinter broken down, I hopped onto another bus and got to the border to stamp out my passport. I waited patiently for the Sprinter