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The Sales Outliers e-book Meet the Unique Players in the Selling Game What does a Sales Outlier track in their mind to take command of the sales conversation that average salespeople don't? Did you ever wonder how the elite in your field do what they do? Ever since I began to explore the world of NLP and coaching, I have been intrigued by the idea of modelling what experts do to get great results and to excel in their field. So how do they do what they do? If I learned one thing from reading countless books in the field, here it is; to achieve excellence you have to find out how somebody does what they do, how they think about their experience and how they execute their strategy. It prompted me to dig into the world of selling and uncover what the top sales people do. I have written about some of what I learned in the world of selling in this ebook. You can learn some insights into what I uncovered in the conversations I had with some exceptional salespeople. For those