5 Things I Love About Fall | YVAN AGNO
The cold weather. I’m not a big fan of summer because of the heat. I look forward to fall because it’s the start of cold weather for a good chunk of the calendar year. Yes, it gets crazy cold here in Saskatoon but I don’t mind it. Pumpkin Spice Season. Pumpkin spice / pumpkin flavoured things pop up everywhere: oreos, cupcakes, muffins, coffee. Consuming an unexplainable amount of pumpkin spice latte this season is a normal occurrence for me. Thanksgiving. I grew up in the Philippines and Thanksgiving isn’t something we usually celebrate. However, I love being able to gather around good food with family and friends and celebrate the things we are thankful for. Halloween (mostly trick or treating). Much like Thanksgiving, I didn’t grew up trip or treating. I am familiar of the concept of it because of what I have seen in the movies and TV. I started enjoying this more when my daughter is old enough to go around trick or treating. I love watching her face light up whenever someone hands her candies. Here in Saskatoon, malls participate in safe trick or treating where in certain shops participate by placing a decal on the front of their store for kids look for. This is great because the kids can still get their trick or treating fix incase it’s too cold for them to go out at night. Christmas sales. I’m a big Christmas person. Go ask my husband. Christmas is the one season I find so difficult to wait for. I grew up in a country where once September hits, snippets of anything Christmas starts popping up. I satiated my longing for Christmas by buying a small Christmas tree last year to put up after Halloween. However, keeping up with my husband’s tradition as well, I try not to put anything on it until after St. Nick’s. Also, this is when Christmas sales go up in stores and that’s exciting for me. What about you? What are the things you love about fall? Related