Four important reasons to live in Hanoi
Going abroad for studying, working or enjoying retirement recently has become a trend to explore the world and refresh your life. There is an overwhelming number of cities all over the world where you can start a next page of your life diary and each one is like no other. Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular has shown up on the global travel map because it can offer great things you cannot find where else. If you are listing down Hanoi as an option, this article will tell you why moving to Hanoi to make a life here never let you regret. Reasonable living cost The very first reason is reasonable cost of living which has the most impact on your life quality. Lifestyle and expense are different from person to person; however, a budget of around $1,000 a month can offer an expat a comfortable life in the city. A comfortable one here refers to eating out with friends regularly, living in a good apartment and having chances to travel to many other beautiful attractions in