Yoga Insurance and Studio Liability Insurance  
What is Yoga Insurance As a yoga teacher or studio owner, do you have the right kind of yoga insurance? Do you have any insurance at all? Whether you teach part time or run a full blown studio, it is imperative you have good insurance coverage specifically for your line of businss, being teaching yoga. Fortunately there are several yoga insurance providers. It's also nice to know yoga insurance isn't terribly expensive. You can typically get decent coverage for about $200 per year unless you're running a pretty large studio. This article is split into two sections. The first lists yoga insurance providers. The second section sets out questions and considerations you should take before buying insurance. A. 6 yoga teacher and studio insurance providers you can look into are as follow: Idea Health and Fitness Association; Yoga Journal's Benefits Plus; Sport and Fitness Insurance Corporation; IMA Group Inc.; AYIO Insurance Center; and InnerIdea. B. Considerations before purchasing yoga