Yoga Instructor Salary – Is Money Evil?  
Should Your yoga instructor be paid How often have you heard that money creates power, and power will corrupt you absolutely? Some Yoga instructors sincerely believe they do not deserve to make money from their teaching skills. After all, earning money will make you less spiritual - right? Once you become a Yoga instructor you have to come to grips with reality. Is it true that the wealthy are greedy? Many of them give to charity, but some do not. Therefore, having more money does not affect the behavior of giving. Many of the poor give to charity, and some do not. Is money (earning a living) the root of all evil? If this is true, then we should give up and do our best to live a poor life of bad health and starvation. Wait a minute: Yogic philosophy is about ending suffering, not creating it. So, where did all of this negative talk, about a earning a salary as a Yoga instructor come from? I have no idea, but if you want to teach free classes, there will be a never-ending line to your