The Basics Crochet Scarf Pattern | Yarn Obsession
The Basics Crochet Scarf Pattern I Love this crochet scarf pattern! I created it specifically to help you learn the basics of crochet with a twist! You see, I think, if you’re gonna learn a new skill you gotta have fun doing it! The amazing beauty of this scarf is, you get to learn and practice the stitches on a scarf that ends up looking much more complicated than it was to make! You’ll not only look like an expert, you’ll be an expert. All stitch explanations and abbreviations are clearly written out so you learn, or re-learn. Don’t worry about perfect, there is no such thing. With this pattern I assume you have basic knowledge of how to hold the hook, create a slipknot, how to hold the yarn and how to chain. If I’m wrong, don’t worry, I have videos on my YouTube channel that can help! Get all Yarn Obsession Patterns, Tutorials, Courses & more . . . CLICK HERE