The Ultimate Diet Planner
INSTANT DOWNLOAD ** The BE DIET PLANNER TOOL is now officially available! A carefully coded workbook which can calculate what you need to eat for whatever goal that may be ( 1kg /2.2lbs fatloss per week up to 3kg / 6.6 lbs) . Formulas and calculations are determined using hundreds of clients and results. Diet planner comes with 4 tutorial videos showing a step by step breakdown of how to create the following four diet plans -Set Macros IIFYM diet plan Low Carb Cutting Carb Cycling Lean Bulking Features include Built in body fat measure (skin fold caliper required) Set fatloss diet based on sex, body fat percentage, activity level at work, times per week you train, body type, and more for increased accuracy Competition planner approved foods list supplement timing **Requires excel 2007 or newer