Why should my company look at EDP Industry Certification?
An Interview with Scott Draeger, M-EDP, Architect of the EDP Challenge By: Skip Henk, EDP – CEO of Xplor International When I was asked to interview someone who has done something significant for the EDP Program that no one else has, I immediately thought of Scott Draeger, M-EDP, Vice President of Product at GMC Software. Scott is the architect of what we today call the EDP Challenge. To give you a little background about Scott, he has been involved with Xplor now for over 15 years. Over the years, Scott has attended Xplor conferences, spoke at events, chaired education tracks, served as a board member, served on a variety of panels/committees, and much more. His insight and forward-thinking has really helped the industry and Xplor as an association. Skip: Scott, thank you for taking the time today to speak to me about something I know you are passionate about, the EDP Certification program. Scott: It is my pleasure as it certainly is a passion of mine. Skip: When did you get your EDP