Much More Than a City in France
An Interview with XLPrint USA CEO, Gerard Callaghan By: Skip Henk, EDP – CEO of Xplor International At our last conference I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Gerard Callaghan, CEO of XLPrint USA, about the various changes in our industry. I must admit, I was not familiar with XLPrint but after speaking with Gerard and spending some time on their website ( it is apparent that their platform, Paris, is relevant, agile and totally focused on transaction documents. I decided to circle back with Gerard and get him to share a few additional thoughts on XLPrint and his vision for our industry. Skip: Gerard thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the E-Document News audience. Gerard: It is my pleasure Skip. Skip: For our readers that are not familiar with XLPrint and its Paris product, give us your 15 second elevator pitch? Gerard: XLPrint is a software company and Paris is our flagship product. Paris has been employed in over 55 countries,