EDP Re-Certification
Due to a never-ending change in technology and human behavior, it is imperative to remain current in the electronic document industry. To retain your status as an EDP or M-EDP (You cannot re-certify the EDA Designation), you must be re-certified every five years by meeting certain requirements including: Earning 150 re-certification credits (At least 50 in Education and 50 in Knowledge Sharing) Acceptance of the EDP Code of Ethics Annual payment of USD $25 re-certification fee, or USD $125 by the end of the five-year period For more information about the EDP® Program, please contact Chad Henk, EDA, EDP Coordinator for Xplor International. He can explain the steps to get certified and assist in finding a mentor if necessary. Chad can be reached at Chad@xplor.org or +1-813-949-6171. Download the EDP Re-certification Application For a list of Re-certification Points and how they are assigned, please click here.