EDBOK Guide – Overview & Preview
Purchase EDBOK through PayPal List Price $149.99 USD Member Price $75.00 USD As in most skill and knowledge domains, there are two major categories of work: developing and operating. Be it sales, product development, print-for-profit or in-house billing work, we have to first design and implement a solution and a process, and then we operate and maintain them. In both categories, there is a chronological sequence of activities. The EDBOK is structured to reflect this chronology. First, it describes the document systems development lifecycle, then goes on to describe the document production workflow. What follows here is a précis of each of the topics that comprise the main body of the publication; to help set them in context and to summarize the flows. Xplor's roots lie in the sharing of technical experience and expertise. The EDBOK reflects that technical heritage, and one of our challenges is to broaden our knowledge base to encompass other aspects of document industry