The Best Coffee in Town - Xavier Nagel Agencies
AUTHOR YVETTE WILSENACH AND NICKY ELLIOTT ISBN 9780620814935 PUBLISHED 2018 FORMAT Square; 235mm x 235mm; Paperback PAGES 104 CATEGORY FOOD & DRINK The Coffee Route made its debut in 2015. Given the dynamic coffee scene in Cape Town, the book we thought would be a once-off, turned out to need regular updating. We originally produced it to showcase coffee shops per region, but in this edition we decided to shake things up a little. Looking for the perfect place to breakfast, brunch or lunch? Somewhere to go when the cold fronts hit? Or that perfect place for a perfect day? Our earlier editions were made to bung in a bag and carry along as you discovered new shops in your neighbourhood or further afield. This time we have made a glossy coffee-table coffee book. A sensual delight for you to peruse and consult. All the old favourites are here, albeit in a new classification, and, as always, there are a couple of new additions because, hey, that’s Cape Town.