A Trojan Affair - The S.K.A at Carnarvon - Xavier Nagel Agencies
AUTHOR MICHAEL SMORENBURG ISBN 9780620625760 PUBLISHED 2016 FORMAT Portrait; 228mm x 152mm; Paperback PAGES 344 CATEGORY FICTION A tale of zealots, scientists and scoundrels The silence squatting over a pious town has become valuable beyond measure - the bounty below its feet, irresistible. Foreigners, determined to steal the secrets of the heavens and the treasures of the earth, send the community into crisis and its generations into dispute. Gambling with ancient loyalties, profiteers incite betrayal and hawk suspicion, they strip the innocence of the region and lay bare long hidden skeletons. Michael Smorenburg takes you on a vividly realistic journey, reflecting in a single village at the boundary of modernity, the growing pains of evolving modern culture. "A modern Galileo story. Entertaining, pacey and authentic." - PATRICIA GLYN, Author & Media Personality "An excellent and gripping story that broaches a delicate topic in a sensitive manner." - CAITLIN O' CONNOR, Book critic InspiredChaos "Griping from the first page. Masterful use of language puts you right in the middle of the action." - RANDIE BURRELL, Brigham Young University "An exceptional work - informed, plausible, intriguing, intelligent, acute, engaging and exceptionally well written." - HANS PIETERSEN, Founder Organisasie vir Godsdienste-Onderrig en Demokrasie www.MichaelSmorenburg.com