WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ROSEMARY ? | | Your Herbal Doctor - Healing From Nature
The benefits of the rosemary are as much as every medicinal herb. The rosemary plant, which is an evergreen plant, is used in meals and some is good. Rosemary; Grows very much around the Mediterranean; small and fragrant leaves and flowers is a plant used. The leaves are needle shaped. It extends up to 2 m and gives flowers in blue - purple tones. Contains pinene, camphor, cineol, camphor, borneol and bornilacetate. You can simulate the scent of rosemary, which is like a evergreen and tiny tree. With this scent, Rosemary is consumed as a spice in order to give flavor to many dishes, especially fish and meat dishes. The benefits of rosemary in medicinal plants are just as much as the areas of use: What are the benefits of rosemary? Rosemary plant provides ease of digestion. It is beneficial against asthma and bronchitis. Stimulates the stomach and intestines and facilitates digestion. It gives the body vitality. Helps prevent vessel obstruction. Relieves migraine pain, relieves