WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GINGER ? | | Your Herbal Doctor - Healing From Nature
BENEFITS OF GINGER Ginger, which has the feature of removing stomach and intestinal gas, soothes the stomach and accelerates the blood circulation in the body. It warms the body and provides sweating. It is a good idea to add some ginger into our herbal tea when we are sick because of this feature. In the case of tea, gargle will pass throat pains. In addition, the muscle can be used as a massage massage. In addition to all these, ginger; appetizing, antiseptic, digestive regulator, respiratory-tractive and toxin-shooter effects. It revives the heart by opening the blood vessels. He opens his airways and he's dizzy. * It is used in the treatment of diarrhea. * Appetite is pathetic. * Nausea is good for. * It has a soothing effect. * It is good for physical and mental fatigue. * Good for colds and flu. * Cough breaker. * Has antioxidant properties. * Regulates the heart rhythm. * Increases sexual power. BENEFITS AND DESCRIPTION OF THE GARDEN TEA Ginger tea, which is effective in