Paddy’s lunch!
Working on a building site 22 stories high, an Irishman, an Englishman, and an Australian sit down to lunch every day. Aussie 'Jonesy' opens up his lunch box and finds another Vegemite sandwich. "For fuck's sake, " he says. "I am sick to death of this shit, day in day out. If my wife packs this tomorrow I'm jumping off!!" Paddy then opens his up and once again, a Potato sandwich appears. "Wel, I'm in as well Jonesy. If I get another Tottie Sandwich, I'm jumping!!" Then Pommy Dave opens up his lunch to find the usual Cucumber and Cheese sandwich. "Righty o' lads, I'll be coming too if I get this shite again." So the following day all three sit down at lunch time ready to eat. Jonesy opens up his lunch box, and sure as shit, it's another Vegemite Sanga! "That's it, lads, I'm done!" And without hesitation, he jumps off. "Fuck me," says Dave. "I guess Jonesy wasn't lying. If this is cucumber, I better hold up my end." Dave takes one look, and closes his eyes and [...]