3 rolls left over
My wife had been at me for some while to get the lounge redecorated "Frank and Mary have just done theirs," she said. They lived 4 doors away. Their house (like many of estates in GB) is exactly the same layout as ours, having been built by the same builder in the same boring way. I went round there - she was right, their lounge looked really good. And the wallpaper was Ok. I asked Frank where he'd bought it and how many rolls, to save me having to work it out. "I bought 8 rolls," said Frank, "At B&Q ...and if you go on Wednesday you can get 10% off with their seniors' card too." Of course, as wifey had decreed there was no getting out of it. And I came away from the store, quite proud I'd nibbled 10% into their profit margin. A good few days later, the wallpapering was complete. But I was puzzled as I had 3 full rolls left over. I went round to Frank's and told him. "I just can't understand why I had 3 rolls left over." "Well, that's funny," said Frank. "So [...]