Chinese vs. Jewish pilots
Two pilots are flying together for the first time, one Chinese and the other Jewish. A couple of hours in, the Jewish pilot turns to his Chinese counterpart and says, ' I don't like the Chinese'. 'Why you no like Chinese?' he replies. 'Well, because the Chinese bombed Pearl Harbor'says the Jew. 'The Chinese didn't bomb Pearl Harbor', the Chinese pilot laughs, 'the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor'. To which the Jew replies, 'Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, they're all the same to me'. The Chinese pilot is pretty pissed off at this, and after a little while he turns to the Jewish pilot to say ' Well, I don't like the Jewish'. 'You don't like the Jews?'he asks, 'Why not?' 'Because the Jews sank the Titanic' states the Chinese pilot. The Jew laughs, 'The Jews din't sink the Titanic! An iceberg sank the Titanic!' To which the Chinese pilot replies, 'Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg, they're all the same to me'. Make your friends laugh -> share this post with [...]