Paddy vs. The Movie
Paddy and murphy were watching a John Wayne movie. Paddy said to Murphy: "I bet you 5$ John Wayne falls off this horse and the horse goes over the cliff. Murphy said: "Ok Paddy", so there they are, watching the film and John Wayne falls off the horse and the horse goes over the cliff. Paddy turns round to Murphy: "I told you what would happen". Murphy said: "You're right Paddy, there you go the 5$" . Paddy thinks, and in the end said: "I fell very cheeky here Murphy". "Why that Paddy?" "Because I've seen this film before". Murphy says: "So have I but I didn`t expect him to make the same mistake twice" ... Make your friends laugh -> share this post with them:TwitterFacebookRedditPinterestTumblrGoogleEmail No related jokes.