White man wanting to be black
A white man walks into a doctors office and tells the doctor he wants to be black, can he help? The doctor says "well, it can be done but i will have remove 30% of your brain, dye your skin 70% darker and make your pecker 6 inches longer, do you still want it done?" The guy thinks for a minute and says "Ya, doc, I want to be a black man, I agree" The guy wakes up in the recovery room and the doctor is standing over him and says "I'm terribly, terribly sorry, I got mixed up in the operating room. I removed 70% of your brain, made your skin 30% darker and cut off 6 inches of your pecker, can you ever forgive me?" And the guy says "Si, senior..." Make your friends laugh -> share this post with them:TwitterFacebookRedditPinterestTumblrGoogleEmail No related jokes.